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Happy Thanksgiving!! Yesterday, being that it was Thanksgiving Eve… - Forget, everything you think you know about me..... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 22nd, 2012|10:21 pm]
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yesterday, being that it was Thanksgiving Eve

^^^^^^^ so I am just leaving that because live journal opened me up to an old draft and weirdly that is the last thing I tried to write. A year ago. It is almost fate that I started writing an entry tonight.

Well yesterday was thanksgiving eve and this year I switched up my typical sagamore hill hangout, since everyone is married, engaged, or expecting a child and meet Claire in port Washington. It was so good to see Claire and her boyfriend John, who I love. It started out as a pretty low key bar but by 11:00 the place was jammed packed. I had a lot of fun catching up with Claire and getting to know her bf and his friends better. I totally approve of this guy, he's a keeper.

After a later night than I had planned getting up this morning for the annual garden city turkey trot was rough. I've single handedly made this race a yearly tradition. My parents hate doing it but put up with because of me. This is one of my favorite races because it let's me see how far I've come in my running in the last five years. Each time I've run this race I PR-Ed and hoped that this race would continue the tradition. I was a little nervous because last year's time was so fast for me.

Instead of starting in the back like I normally do during the race I headed to front this time. Even though I got stuck weaving around people in the first half mile is thinned out pretty quickly and I was able to run without feeling so congested. I was able to bust out a 7:52 first mile and tried to hold on to that for the next four miles. Hit mile 2 at 15:01 and mile 3 at 22:50. I had a slight panic attacked when I realized how fast that was, for me. I literally said, out loud, holy shit this is gunna suck to hold onto. I have no idea what mile four was because there was not marker. But those last two miles were a HUGE mental obstacle. Physically I felt fine but my brain kept alternating between "omg this hurts, you may vomit" and "seriously you were in so much more pain at the 10k suck it up a push harder" and "you can probably slow down a little you've got time to still set a PR." I am so glad I pushed through because I ran 37.07. A time I seriously did not think I was humanly capable of.That is so unbelieveably fast for me. To think that i used to run 35 minute 5ks in high school this is insane.

I have to say though this puts the bar so high for next thanksgiving. 36 minutes? Holy shit Ithaca seven minute miles. Part of me is excited and wants to start crazy speed work to see if I can do it and another part of me is like you will never ever get that fast. You will seriously implode.