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Forget, everything you think you know about me..... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2012|10:21 pm]
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yesterday, being that it was Thanksgiving Eve

^^^^^^^ so I am just leaving that because live journal opened me up to an old draft and weirdly that is the last thing I tried to write. A year ago. It is almost fate that I started writing an entry tonight.

Well yesterday was thanksgiving eve and this year I switched up my typical sagamore hill hangout, since everyone is married, engaged, or expecting a child and meet Claire in port Washington. It was so good to see Claire and her boyfriend John, who I love. It started out as a pretty low key bar but by 11:00 the place was jammed packed. I had a lot of fun catching up with Claire and getting to know her bf and his friends better. I totally approve of this guy, he's a keeper.

After a later night than I had planned getting up this morning for the annual garden city turkey trot was rough. I've single handedly made this race a yearly tradition. My parents hate doing it but put up with because of me. This is one of my favorite races because it let's me see how far I've come in my running in the last five years. Each time I've run this race I PR-Ed and hoped that this race would continue the tradition. I was a little nervous because last year's time was so fast for me.

Instead of starting in the back like I normally do during the race I headed to front this time. Even though I got stuck weaving around people in the first half mile is thinned out pretty quickly and I was able to run without feeling so congested. I was able to bust out a 7:52 first mile and tried to hold on to that for the next four miles. Hit mile 2 at 15:01 and mile 3 at 22:50. I had a slight panic attacked when I realized how fast that was, for me. I literally said, out loud, holy shit this is gunna suck to hold onto. I have no idea what mile four was because there was not marker. But those last two miles were a HUGE mental obstacle. Physically I felt fine but my brain kept alternating between "omg this hurts, you may vomit" and "seriously you were in so much more pain at the 10k suck it up a push harder" and "you can probably slow down a little you've got time to still set a PR." I am so glad I pushed through because I ran 37.07. A time I seriously did not think I was humanly capable of.That is so unbelieveably fast for me. To think that i used to run 35 minute 5ks in high school this is insane.

I have to say though this puts the bar so high for next thanksgiving. 36 minutes? Holy shit Ithaca seven minute miles. Part of me is excited and wants to start crazy speed work to see if I can do it and another part of me is like you will never ever get that fast. You will seriously implode.
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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2011|08:56 pm]
I've recently become re-obsessed with reading people's online journals. Specifically, I love reading healthy living journals. I'm not really sure why, but they make me want to write in my journal again. Mostly, I feel like life is happening so fast lately and I need to take the time to write it all down so I don't forget.

I originally thought, I'd start using my journal again to write about my feelings. But i've never been that type of person. I don't like sharing my feelings and I don't know how to put those feelings into words most often. So my journal will most likely descend into a regular recounting of my daily activities. Sad thing is, my days are so similar these entries will probably be so similar.

This morning started off by getting caught in a crazy downpour on my walk to work. (in order to save money, I walk the two miles to and from work. saves me 4 dollars a day) Even with my umbrella and rain jacket everything in my backpack was soaked. I'm super pissed because now my headphones don't work. Work was soo boring today. I probably did 25 minutes of actual work today. I don't know how i can sit there and do nothing all day. Although when I get paid basically minimum wage, I've got now incentive to really try that much harder. As long as my boss still loves me I do not care.

After work I went to gym. I am obsessed with my gym. I just signed up on Tuesday because the thought of running outside during the winter made me want to kill myself. I've gone twice so far and its amazing. Its def pricier than planet fitness, but its soo nice. I didn't believe the woman when I signed up that it never gets too crowded because hey its the middle of downtown dc of course its going to be packed around rush hour. But its really not, there are plenty of machines open. The locker room is amazing. The lockers are so nice and huge. They provide towels for the showers and for sweat. Its amazing. Best decision I've ever made.
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long time no see [Sep. 27th, 2011|09:19 pm]
This really is a no time long see type of entry.

I just spent a very long time re-reading all of my old journal entries from high school and those few from freshman year of college. I was such a spoiled/dumb/loser brat. I'm almost embarrassed to read those entires.

I'm bringing back my livejournal after five years. I'm not sure why, but I've had the urge to write a blog entry. Instead of starting a new one I've decided to just start where I've left off.

So many things have happened since the last time I wrote a journal entry. I've graduated college, I moved to Washington, DC, and I've graduated graduate school. I've had my heart broken, I've fallen for some same old tricks, and I finally think I've found a good guy. Lost weight, gained weight, lost weight. I've made new friends, lost some old, and found out who my true friends are. Its so weird to look how far I've come when I've still got so far to go. Sometimes I just wish I had a place to write down my emotions and keep track of all the things that are happening in my life. The past couple years have been such a blur and life has been happening so fast. I almost wish I had taken the time to document all of the things that have happened in my life. So this journal is again going to be an attempt to help me remember those little things in life that are important to me.
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2009|11:58 pm]
I have not written in this journal since freshman year of college. Now i am no longer a college student.

how weird?

graduation may have been the weird moment of my life. well the whole day. now what? its so weird not to be going back there. its even weirder to be starting a whole new chapter in my life. these next two months are so awkward cause I'm basically just waiting for my life to begin. Once i move in to DC, start classes, and hopefully find a job it will hopefully be real. Right now its like I am in limbo. I do not know what to do in the meantime.
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(no subject) [Jul. 4th, 2007|09:58 pm]
so i have a huge urge to start writing in my live journal again....will i or won't i?
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aloha [Dec. 24th, 2005|09:54 pm]
[mood |indescribableindescribable]

happy christmas break!

i haven't updated in forever.
christmas break has been good,
although i haven't done that much.
went out to eat, exchanged christmas gifts,
saw dick and jane.
that movie sucked, alot, except for when they tried to fit a bunch of mexicns in a car
i almost died
finally the question of how many mexicans can fit in a car has been answered.
mexican jokes will never get old to me
i swear i'm not racist.
tomorrow i might go to bogarts.
but probally not
considering i don't have 40 dollars to spend on alcohol
and id rather not be hung over on christmas eve.
bogarts is turning 21
that sucks
but for some reason i'm not really going to miss it though

guess who may possibly be going to puerto pico??
that would be me and p!!
were trying to book it for either spring break or easter
cause neither of our parents love us enought to care if were home for easter
plus its gunna be kinda cheap
wayyy cheaper then the 700 we thought
but again my parents don't love me
soo yeah i'll end up paying the bill
soo bring on kids planet
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2005|11:12 pm]
i'm updating!

soo anyway last night me, p, and jessie went to bogarts.
never go to chili's 2 hours before u go.
being full kinda sucked.
and yeah there were definately alot of ugly people there
i've never sweated so much in my life either
it was gross.

i'm poor too
like really poor...
i don't understand why though but yeah i'm poor
splish splash on tuesday i cannot wait.
and last day of work on friday
praise the lord!
i'm sleeping forever on saturday if neone wakes me u die.
i leave in for college in 13 days??
i dunno that was a rough estimate
but that means if you read this we must hang out.
well unless i don't like u then were not.

my grad party/ yay its summer bbq was fun
me and p are really great dancers
people are jealous...not
after watching maybe a whole ten mintues of quere as folk with anthony i have a urge to watch more
but one thing i'm loving is stienfeld.
6:00 on tbs
not that i watch it every night
because i don't

i got my roommate.
shes really cool
and funny
thats a plus
ohh yeah and some people tried to save our dying friendship
it didn't work
i'm wayyy to catious this time.
ohh me and p are having a marathon hang out before i go away
beach, sleepover, and splish splash will all be included
this is also adding to my brokeness
but yeah i cannot wait for dream phone, mall maddness, and mario caart.

ohh yeah and my scrapbook is amazing <3
a work of art
now if i can only get around to finishing it
i've used all the print in my printer for this puppy

i was complying a list of all the things i've going to miss when i'm away :
-my friends...duhh thats a given but like other stupid stuff

*little white <3!!!! i hope my dad takes good care of it while i'm away
*the yankees now i have to be a closet yankee fan which sucks. i wonder if they get yes?
*7-11...i don't know of they have those in boston they might but def not around my school. you know all good nights end with 7-11 where am i going to get my slurpie/hott chocalate?????
*broadway mall...espically target i'm in that mall at least twice every week. i'm like obssessed.
*my own room...i don't really like people that much, enough said.
*a shower that works..if orientation was any glimpse at what my showering will be like i don't want to think about it. the water pressure was soo much it hurt! it was like showering under a hose.
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2005|01:12 pm]
happy august!
actually not really august is my least favorite month ever!

hmmm soo anyway i got my schedule today! i'm actually pretty happy with it:

Monday: Common ground 1-2:15. World history 2:30-3:45 (i don't have to get up till one how awesome is that????????????)

Tuesday: Critical encounters- hisotry 10-11:45. Advanced Spanish 1:00-2:15 (yeah waking up at ten)

Wednesday: Critical encounters-lit 11:30-12:45. Common ground 1-2:15. World history 2:30-3:45 (how much does this day suck???)

Thursday: CE hisotry- 10-11:45. Advanced Spanish 1:00-2:15. Cultural Encounters 2:30-3:45

Friday: Lit 11:30-12:45

this schedule is awesome for two reason on friday my weekend starts at 1:00 and it doesn't end untill 1:00 monday afternoon. holla. this kinda makes me excited.
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good times never seem soo good. [Jul. 22nd, 2005|08:48 pm]
i never update nemore.
but i dunno i kinda feel like it tonite.
but i think that is partly because i got my new laptop in the mail.
soo i'm all excited to be using that.
which is strange because i just went through this phase where i hated being online.

but neway... its like halfway through the summer.
and that really sucks.
i don't want to go to school, at all.
well kinda but the thought of leaving all my friends behind kills me.
but orientation was alot of fun.
i met alot of cool people and we did alot of fun things.
so i'm kinda excited to go, but then again on the other hand i don't want to go.
its kinda a toss up.

i just got back from 11 days in greece and italy,
with basically 8 of my best friends.
it was soo much fun.
like i was excited for the trip but i wasn't really.
but i had a blast and saw soo much.
plus it was like the last time we would all be together, which is kinda sad.
yeah and i loved italy.i'm definately going back there.
i don't care how.
maybe i'll study abroad there.

i've been working like crazy this summer.
i was gunna say like its my job, which it kinda is my job.

umm nicole has left me for hawii.
i'm really sad the way her vacation and mine falls i won't see her for about a month.
that is sooo sad.
i ate soo much in greece and italy.
i definately need a diet.
this time i really mean it, i swear.
ohh and i read the sisterhood of the travel pants on the plane and omg i love it.
i defiantely just brought the second book today.
i brought a fake designer bag in italy.
who does that???
i mean the actual designer stores are everywhere there.

my laptop is all pretty and everything and i love!
but theres no mouse, because we haven't gotten yet.
i really can't stand there dumb touch pad.
i cannot handle it
really i can't
i tried to play solitare on the computer
(because i'm a loser and thought it would give me extra practice with the mouse)
and yeah it was impossible.
stalking people's imchaos things became hard.
i clicked wrong buttons soo half the people who don't knowi have there screen name now do.
yeah did i mention i stalk people.

i really want a ford explorer.
a silver one.
i don'tknow why really. its kinda become this new obssession with me.
i really want one.
too bad they cost 30,000.
yeah right like i'm ever going to afford that.
maybe if i got really good interest in my bank account
who knows????
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2005|07:09 pm]
soo yay its summer!!!!!!
and theres less than a month untill greece and italy.
umm excited much?

soo yeah summer has been alot of fun soo far.
for the basically three weeks there has been of it.
prom was soo fun.
everyone looked so pretty
and i loved my dress and hair.
six flags=awesome.
i love that place.

graduation was sad but it took so long to happen that i was glad it was over.
college orientation=less than a week away
i'm not gunna lie i'm a little scared.
okayy make that alot scared.

the past to weeks have basically consisted of graduation parties.
massive amounts of graduation parties.
they were all fun i still haven't found one that wasn't fun.

ugh.,..soo much more to say but i don't feel like it anymore
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