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[Oct. 13th, 2011|08:56 pm]
I've recently become re-obsessed with reading people's online journals. Specifically, I love reading healthy living journals. I'm not really sure why, but they make me want to write in my journal again. Mostly, I feel like life is happening so fast lately and I need to take the time to write it all down so I don't forget.

I originally thought, I'd start using my journal again to write about my feelings. But i've never been that type of person. I don't like sharing my feelings and I don't know how to put those feelings into words most often. So my journal will most likely descend into a regular recounting of my daily activities. Sad thing is, my days are so similar these entries will probably be so similar.

This morning started off by getting caught in a crazy downpour on my walk to work. (in order to save money, I walk the two miles to and from work. saves me 4 dollars a day) Even with my umbrella and rain jacket everything in my backpack was soaked. I'm super pissed because now my headphones don't work. Work was soo boring today. I probably did 25 minutes of actual work today. I don't know how i can sit there and do nothing all day. Although when I get paid basically minimum wage, I've got now incentive to really try that much harder. As long as my boss still loves me I do not care.

After work I went to gym. I am obsessed with my gym. I just signed up on Tuesday because the thought of running outside during the winter made me want to kill myself. I've gone twice so far and its amazing. Its def pricier than planet fitness, but its soo nice. I didn't believe the woman when I signed up that it never gets too crowded because hey its the middle of downtown dc of course its going to be packed around rush hour. But its really not, there are plenty of machines open. The locker room is amazing. The lockers are so nice and huge. They provide towels for the showers and for sweat. Its amazing. Best decision I've ever made.