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long time no see [Sep. 27th, 2011|09:19 pm]
This really is a no time long see type of entry.

I just spent a very long time re-reading all of my old journal entries from high school and those few from freshman year of college. I was such a spoiled/dumb/loser brat. I'm almost embarrassed to read those entires.

I'm bringing back my livejournal after five years. I'm not sure why, but I've had the urge to write a blog entry. Instead of starting a new one I've decided to just start where I've left off.

So many things have happened since the last time I wrote a journal entry. I've graduated college, I moved to Washington, DC, and I've graduated graduate school. I've had my heart broken, I've fallen for some same old tricks, and I finally think I've found a good guy. Lost weight, gained weight, lost weight. I've made new friends, lost some old, and found out who my true friends are. Its so weird to look how far I've come when I've still got so far to go. Sometimes I just wish I had a place to write down my emotions and keep track of all the things that are happening in my life. The past couple years have been such a blur and life has been happening so fast. I almost wish I had taken the time to document all of the things that have happened in my life. So this journal is again going to be an attempt to help me remember those little things in life that are important to me.