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i'm updating! soo anyway last night me, p, and jessie went to… - Forget, everything you think you know about me..... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 13th, 2005|11:12 pm]
i'm updating!

soo anyway last night me, p, and jessie went to bogarts.
never go to chili's 2 hours before u go.
being full kinda sucked.
and yeah there were definately alot of ugly people there
i've never sweated so much in my life either
it was gross.

i'm poor too
like really poor...
i don't understand why though but yeah i'm poor
splish splash on tuesday i cannot wait.
and last day of work on friday
praise the lord!
i'm sleeping forever on saturday if neone wakes me u die.
i leave in for college in 13 days??
i dunno that was a rough estimate
but that means if you read this we must hang out.
well unless i don't like u then were not.

my grad party/ yay its summer bbq was fun
me and p are really great dancers
people are jealous...not
after watching maybe a whole ten mintues of quere as folk with anthony i have a urge to watch more
but one thing i'm loving is stienfeld.
6:00 on tbs
not that i watch it every night
because i don't

i got my roommate.
shes really cool
and funny
thats a plus
ohh yeah and some people tried to save our dying friendship
it didn't work
i'm wayyy to catious this time.
ohh me and p are having a marathon hang out before i go away
beach, sleepover, and splish splash will all be included
this is also adding to my brokeness
but yeah i cannot wait for dream phone, mall maddness, and mario caart.

ohh yeah and my scrapbook is amazing <3
a work of art
now if i can only get around to finishing it
i've used all the print in my printer for this puppy

i was complying a list of all the things i've going to miss when i'm away :
-my friends...duhh thats a given but like other stupid stuff

*little white <3!!!! i hope my dad takes good care of it while i'm away
*the yankees now i have to be a closet yankee fan which sucks. i wonder if they get yes?
*7-11...i don't know of they have those in boston they might but def not around my school. you know all good nights end with 7-11 where am i going to get my slurpie/hott chocalate?????
*broadway mall...espically target i'm in that mall at least twice every week. i'm like obssessed.
*my own room...i don't really like people that much, enough said.
*a shower that works..if orientation was any glimpse at what my showering will be like i don't want to think about it. the water pressure was soo much it hurt! it was like showering under a hose.