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good times never seem soo good. [Jul. 22nd, 2005|08:48 pm]
i never update nemore.
but i dunno i kinda feel like it tonite.
but i think that is partly because i got my new laptop in the mail.
soo i'm all excited to be using that.
which is strange because i just went through this phase where i hated being online.

but neway... its like halfway through the summer.
and that really sucks.
i don't want to go to school, at all.
well kinda but the thought of leaving all my friends behind kills me.
but orientation was alot of fun.
i met alot of cool people and we did alot of fun things.
so i'm kinda excited to go, but then again on the other hand i don't want to go.
its kinda a toss up.

i just got back from 11 days in greece and italy,
with basically 8 of my best friends.
it was soo much fun.
like i was excited for the trip but i wasn't really.
but i had a blast and saw soo much.
plus it was like the last time we would all be together, which is kinda sad.
yeah and i loved italy.i'm definately going back there.
i don't care how.
maybe i'll study abroad there.

i've been working like crazy this summer.
i was gunna say like its my job, which it kinda is my job.

umm nicole has left me for hawii.
i'm really sad the way her vacation and mine falls i won't see her for about a month.
that is sooo sad.
i ate soo much in greece and italy.
i definately need a diet.
this time i really mean it, i swear.
ohh and i read the sisterhood of the travel pants on the plane and omg i love it.
i defiantely just brought the second book today.
i brought a fake designer bag in italy.
who does that???
i mean the actual designer stores are everywhere there.

my laptop is all pretty and everything and i love!
but theres no mouse, because we haven't gotten yet.
i really can't stand there dumb touch pad.
i cannot handle it
really i can't
i tried to play solitare on the computer
(because i'm a loser and thought it would give me extra practice with the mouse)
and yeah it was impossible.
stalking people's imchaos things became hard.
i clicked wrong buttons soo half the people who don't knowi have there screen name now do.
yeah did i mention i stalk people.

i really want a ford explorer.
a silver one.
i don'tknow why really. its kinda become this new obssession with me.
i really want one.
too bad they cost 30,000.
yeah right like i'm ever going to afford that.
maybe if i got really good interest in my bank account
who knows????